"Annabelle offers the best deep tissue massage I have ever experienced. She targets problems intuitively and without doubt solves many issues with her gentle but strong and intense therapy.

An hour with her is a combination of mental stress relief along with highly effective physical results. Her anatomical knowledge is impressive."

B. Dod

"My session with Annabelle was just wonderful.  I felt completely relaxed and comfortable throughout the treatment.  She identified, addressed and alleviated areas of tension without me even needing to say anything. For me the real highlight was my follow up session where Annabelle worked deeply on and around my jaw where I have started to hold a lot of tension during my working day.  She has made a really noticeable and lasting difference."


C. Bass

" Annabelle's clinical understanding of musculoskeletal issues makes her one of my preferred therapists, especially when dealing with a complex patient's case. Her ability to produce positive results in just a few sessions is astounding. It is easy to tell she has an experienced touch, broad skill set, and exudes professionalism. She is compassionate, empathetic and intelligent. I am very grateful to have had Annabelle as part of my practice, not only for my patients to achieve wellness, but myself as well!"

Dr. T. Kellogg

“Massages with Annabelle have taught me the value of self-care. I believe she has a unique ability to intuitively read a body with her hands and an even greater gift to coax out held tension and replace it with a deep sense of ease. With her guidance, I have learnt so much about how to support and nurture the way I move and rest; something I will be forever grateful for.”

S. Miller

"Annabelle’s massage was probably the best massage I have ever had.  She has a wonderful, highly knowledgeable touch that moves through the body gently but firmly releasing and relieving areas in need."


A. Lewell

"Annabelle’s massage work felt in tune with my body and my needs. The second treatment, a head massage was incredible and relieved so much tension."


S. Grey